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replica balenciaga shoes people do not know what it means to be overworked. Even if you know it, you sneer at it. For them, the purpose of life is not to hoard money, but to work and enjoy life.

best replica balenciaga shoes owner of the French Yasser company, is too busy to deal with every day. It’s like being put in the oven as soon as I get to the office. I don’t want to get burnt. I have to trot in the restroom for the endless phone calls and visitors. Most lunches are light meals, and I talk business while eating. You can only go home late at night. It is such a dedicated person, fake balenciaga shoes he also grasps a principle: Work is important, leisure is necessary.

balenciaga shoes replica instead of going to the company, Christo went to a friend’s house for a party, ran out in the suburban garden, listened to music at home, and tasted the desserts baked by his wife for the family. Anyway, after working for a week, always relax and add lubricant to your health. Every year on holiday, cheap balenciaga shoes instead of going abroad to relax, Christo went to the country residence where his parents left to enjoy the tranquility.

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cheap balenciaga speed trainer have their own farming schedules, and they harvest and harvest the fields on time. As soon as the farm is free, they go out and enjoy life different from the countryside. After a year, life is fulfilling, balenciaga speed trainer and work is easy.

Fake balenciaga speed trainer are mostly artistic and cultural capitals, and there are countless cultural landscapes such as historical sites, museums, celebrities ’former residences and opera houses. Street billboards are rebroadcasting the latest art exhibitions, various expositions, concerts, and movie advertisements, attracting people’s attention. The aromas from roadside cafes and restaurants are full of mouthfuls, making you busy in life. Always be on the sidelines and relax unconsciously in imagination and longing.

replica balenciaga speed trainer have lived in Paris for a long time, and I have a rule: it is neither a weekend, nor a Christmas or summer holiday, but when I drove out in the morning, I found that the original car on the road became sparse, and the traffic to work suddenly disappeared. There is no trace, so check the calendar. It must be a day of rest, such as All Souls ’Day, Easter Day, World War I, Armistice Day, etc. If these festivals happen to be on Thursday, then also take a rest on Friday. Build a bridge. Looking at the French calendar, the red rest days are spread over 12 months, balenciaga speed trainer replica like a red light, forcing those who rushed to stop.

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Cheap Balenciaga Triple S pace of life depends mainly on the environment and the individual. If the world is compared to a big city, then France can be said to be a lush, winding garden in this city; Best Balenciaga Triple S Shoes and the quality of life and fun are infiltrated by the French. The tradition of bone marrow is no wonder that in today’s fast-paced world, the pace of life in France always seems to be half a beat compared to other developed countries.

Rural life is suitable for both work and rest Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Generally speaking, the pace of life in rural areas is always slower than that in cities, Replica Balenciaga Triple S and that in tourist cities is slower than that in industrial cities. French farmers have long been able to get rid of the hard work facing the loess, whether it is the cultivation of food, vegetables, fruits and grapes, due to the increase in the degree of mechanization, it has become labor-saving, plus a certain percentage of fallows every year, and enjoy the EU Agricultural subsidies, Fake Balenciaga Triple S Shoes so farm work is not a burden but a job for those who are familiar with it.

The Van Columbine ’s farm has 189 hectares of land in the Seine-Maritime province, 20 kilometers away from Fecamp. It is planted with wheat, peas, beets, rape, flax and potato crops and has 40 heifers. The Van Columbine and his wife said: We adore the land and nature, learn to understand them, be with the land, Balenciaga Triple S Replica and live in harmony with nature.